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Non-Profits - VWOs & NGOs 

Management Solutions

Our Non-Profit Solutions help non profit organisations and NGOs with an automated system. Solution areas include:

  • Volunteer Management

  • Donor and Donation Management

  • Senior Activities Center

  • Family Development Care

  • Adoption Service Management

  • Case Management

  • Case Work and Counseling

  • Cash Voucher Tracking

  • Child Care Management

  • Financial Assistance Management

  • Hospice Care Application

  • Mandatory Counseling

  • Program Management

  • Student Care Services Management


Small Business - Retail and Online Store

Business owners need to renew their business model. This is largely due to the dawn of the Internet, where traditional businesses are losing market share to the online world. We implement front end websites to give them a stronger and better presence in the World Wide Web. We also build eCommerce platforms for their businesses, providing them a direct channel to the e-Shopper and giving them an additional stream of revenue for the business. The eCommerce Platform is also integrated into our Inventory Management Solution to manage product inventory and order management. For real time business and finance visibility, this system is also integrated into our solution for Finance & Accounting. The complete solution thus provides a platform for the customer to engage their clients and prospects in an unprecedented manner; at the same time increasing productivity, efficiency and visibility for their business.


Property Management - Resident & Case Management

The system enables the council with Residents’ case management planning, analyzing and managing feedback from residents. It can be used both on desktop and mobile devices and also provides dashboards and reports to management. Benefits include mobile access to cases, history, call reports and dashboards.


Telecom - Configure, Price, Quote & e-Signature

The implemented system allows the company to manage and track sales opportunities related to advertising space for a local telecom company for the TV marketing unit.


Full end to end, from lead to pipeline to forecast to closure. Management dashboard, complete visibility and transparency of pipeline entry from Sales Executive to management reporting. For Quote to customer, CPQ was implemented. CPQ helps salespeople to configure and price their products and services. The system will generate a Quote based on the product configurator, a quote will be generated and sent electronically to the customer for endorsement via e-Signature.

The project utilizes and DocuSign


Power & Utilities - Public Feedback Management Application

The Public Feedback Management Apps provides members of the public to contact and provide feedback via mobile apps on matters related to Electricity & Gas (such as worksite, equipment and service related issues). The Apps are available on both IOS and Android Mobile Devices. The backend system receiving and processing the feedback is managed by Salesforce Service Cloud.

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