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CRS, founded by former Salesforce employees, brings over 50 years of collective experience, dedicated to empowering non-profits with tailored solutions.

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Empowering Non-Profits with Salesforce Solutions 

Our mission is clear: to empower non-profit organizations with the tools they need to thrive. Whether you're looking to streamline your donation management, optimize volunteer coordination, or enhance case management, CRS is here to guide you every step of the way. 

Our Services for Non-Profits

Empowering non-profits with customized Salesforce services for streamlined operations and amplified impact.

Volunteer Management
  • Simplify volunteer recruitments, volunteer events scheduling, and engagements to maximize participation.

  • Volunteer self-service with a volunteer portal.

Case Management
  • Efficiently handle client intake, cases, track case recordings, case plans, case transfers, or case closures, and ensure timely follow-ups for enhanced client support.

Donation Management
  • Seamlessly track and manage donations, donor information, and fundraising campaigns.

  • Integration to IRAS API for donation submission.

  • Import and process data from 3rd party donation platforms such as,, Benevity.

Active Aging Wellness Management
  • Help Active Aging Centres (AACs) manage their client engagements, such as activity attendance, CST, befriending & buddying, I&R with increased productivity and efficiency.

Why Choose CRS for Your Non-Profit? 

  • Expertise in Action: Benefit from the insights of former experts with a deep understanding of non-profit needs. 

  • Customized Solutions: We tailor our solutions to fit your organization's unique requirements, ensuring maximum efficiency and impact. 

  • Proven Results: Join the ranks of non-profits we've helped succeed, with tangible results that make a difference. 


Case Study

Empowering Xendit's Growth: A Partnership with CRS

Xendit, a leading fintech unicorn in Southeast Asia, has rapidly ascended to unicorn status since its inception in 2015. As the company ventured into its next phase of expansion, it recognized the need for a robust CRM system to fuel its growth. This is where CRS, a trusted implementation partner, came into the picture. 

Yaw Yeo, Head of Growth at Xendit, emphasizes the challenges faced by companies in the region: "The payment landscape in Southeast Asia is very fragmented — different customers want to pay using different payment methods. Companies need to integrate with dozens of payment providers separately. That's a lot of time wasted." 

Partnering with CRS, Xendit embarked on a journey to streamline its operations and enhance productivity. The initial Salesforce deployment, orchestrated by CRS over six months, laid the foundation for Xendit's remarkable growth journey. 

"Serving as Xendit's implementation partner has been truly rewarding," says a representative from CRS. "We worked closely with Xendit's team to understand their unique needs and tailor Salesforce solutions accordingly." 

Enhancing Customer Engagement with Salesforce Customer 360 

Xendit's growth brought about a need for a comprehensive view of its customers. What started with a small sales team managed on a basic spreadsheet quickly evolved into a challenge of scale and complexity. 

"Dealing with customers over periods ranging from one to 18 months added another layer of complexity," reflects Sujinun Jutakorn (Fah), VP of Sales at Xendit. "Keeping track of their unique needs and concerns across the whole organisation was becoming a puzzle." 

Darrick Chan, VP Marketing and Revenue Operations at Xendit, emphasizes the pivotal role Salesforce played in addressing these challenges: "Salesforce empowers us with a comprehensive 360-degree view of our customers, enabling different teams to tailor their engagement to specific customer needs and preferences. This level of personalization enhances our ability to build strong and lasting relationships with each customer." 

Ensuring Data Security and Customer Trust 

Central to Xendit's success is the trust it fosters with its customers. Data security is a top priority, and Salesforce has been instrumental in upholding these standards. 

"At CRS, we understand the critical importance of data security," notes a CRS representative. "Salesforce's role-based permissions ensure that employees have access only to the information relevant to their roles, enhancing data security and maintaining confidentiality." 

Darrick underscores the significance of personalization in building trust: "Each customer is unique, and it's crucial not to treat them generically. Salesforce enables us to personalize interactions, tailoring engagement to specific customer needs and preferences." 

In partnership with CRS, Xendit continues to leverage Salesforce to drive its growth trajectory, delivering exceptional customer experiences and solidifying its position as a fintech leader in Southeast Asia. 

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